L. Maaike Helmus - Services

L. Maaike Helmus Portrait


I provide consultation services on a variety of topics, mostly related to risk assessment or statistical issues. Generally, I am available to help people gain a better understanding of a research area, of a particular research report/article, or statistical techniques (e.g., logistic regression, meta-analysis).


Fee: $200/hour (for all tasks, including prepping, writing reports or summaries, court testimony; for court testimony work, I also charge $50 an hour for travel time)


Static-99R & Static-2002R – I am a certified trainer for both scales and am available for full-day trainings on either one. I have trained diverse audience types, including psychologists, social workers, researchers, graduate students, and community supervision officers.

Meta-Analysis – I have co-taught a graduate statistics course on meta-analysis and am also available for 1-day or 2-day trainings on this technique. Inquiries about this training should be directed to both myself and to my colleague, Kelly Babchishin, as we developed this training together.

I am also willing to give invited talks on a variety of topics related to my research. Prices for trainings depend on the location, length of time, audience, and prep work involved. I can work for a set fee. Alternately, under some circumstances I am willing to accept a portion of the proceeds generated from a training event. Please contact me for more details about training opportunities.